A fully automated coating plant incorporating German technology.

Our fully automated coating plant is running on a full conveyor system (two-rail system) which means our material will be loaded only once. This enables the pre-treatment and coating processes to be carried out automatically. The final product will be off loaded after the baking process. With this fully computerized system, we are able to increase our coating capacity up to 50,000㎡ per month. In addition, we are able to achieve better quality control and ensure greater safety for our employees.

Our coating facilities are capable of producing Powder Coating & Fluorocarbon which meets international standard AAMA 2604-05 and AAMA 2605-05. Alongside with production, our coating facilities also cater as a support to our project tenders, where by the provision of colour samples to architects during the conceptual & design stages are provided.

Powder coat & fluorocarbon earns its popularity among developers & architects for:

  • Variety of colours
  • Easy-maintenance
  • Better colour consistency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durability
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