About Us


"Aspire to be the most Valuable Facade Contractor and Assert to be the Global Leader in the industry, Onwards to being the Best in Aluminium and Glazing Specialist in the League".

Given the global trends and rigorous demands of the construction industry, buildings have evolved into sophisticated dwellings employing not only state of the art technologies but materials as well. Aluminium curtain walling and metal façade cladding systems are now a morn for new and retrofitted projects. Coupled with these developments, architectural finishes and surface treatment technology have also seen great leaps in technology. Products derived from these advancements such as Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and epoxy/polyester powder have gained considerable popularity over the years.

Operating from our premises with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, AVA Global is a key player in the architectural coatings industry, providing an integrated approach to produce quality metal finishing's which fulfil the aspirations of DEVELOPERS, ARCHITECTS, CONSULTANTS, DESIGNERS & SPECIALIST CONTRACTORS in their quest to conceive buildings which leave lasting impressions.

From Concept to Realization
  • Main player for Aluminium Fabrication and Coating Services Industry
  • Highly Skilled Workforce & Technical Expertise
  • Achieved Recognition in the industry
  • Constantly geared towards producing High Quality Products
  • Provides an all in One Services
  • Good Project Management

AVA Global provides an integrated approach to maximize production efficiencies and a one-stop service in meeting our clients' needs and requirements.

AVA GLOBAL was ISO 9002 certified in 1998. AVA GLOBAL has also been awarded the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) Product Listing Scheme (PLS) Award. AVA GLOBAL is the first company to be awarded the Certificate of Compliance (Certificate No. 021908) for Powder and (Certificate No. 010870) for PVDF coatings Applicator that is listed under the Product Listing Scheme (Class 1A) under HDB's requirement in the year 2000 and 2002 respectively. Under BCA, AVA GLOBAL is registered under CR 16, Grade L6. AVA GLOBAL is also achieved People Developer Standard (PDS) in 2003.